The Progressive JavaScript Framework

Evan You

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework with optional tools for user interface in web development. With Vue we can make applications faster, more attractive and user friendly. VueJS was created by Evan You who at the time worked for google prototyping in the web browser using Angular. In coming up with the vue framework, You figured he would just take parts of angular he really liked and built something lightweight without all the extra concepts involved with Angular.

Syntax wise, vue is kind of like Angular and will look similar to it (e.g. v-if vs ng-if).However, if we were to compare VueJs to another framework, it would be React as they both:

Vue does point out point out where React takes the wheel from them, for example in the richness of their ecosystem and abundance of their custom renderers. But where React is outshined by vue in:


Tutorials From Around The Web

working brain

VueJS being one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks has a ton of free tutorials out there and they all represent the same information. Some brief history, how to install, the syntax used and some examples to follow to create your first app(a list of some kind). Requirements to understand and implement this framework would be basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS.

VueJs is a frontend framework so its main focus is on the view layer and can be easily integrated into big projects for front-end development without any issues. Features used in VueJs are:


Vue Hangouts


VueJs has many communities around the web for discussion. The reddit community for example has many instances where people ask a question or mention a area of difficulty and people in the community are quick to respond with solutions or tips. The downside of sites like reddit however, is that people will sometimes go in on you for asking a “noob” question that can be found in the documentation. Its best to always refer to the documentation before asking a question because responses can be brutal at times.


Redredefind has a very cool website! Their color scheme and use of animations is great! I also really like how simple yet interactive Happy Plants is. From inspecting the site we can see that they use lots of virtual dom to make changes to the web page and animations. I don't have many dislikes to this site other than its font and color scheme.

VueJs is the perfect beginner framework because of how easy it is to use. The benefits of using vueJs are many but my favorite part of it is that it cuts several lines of code in to a few. The documentation is pretty easy to follow and so are the tutorials. I’d say Vue is the perfect topping onto your vanilla JS ice cream.



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